As a patient or the legal representative of a patient (e.g. parents), you have the right to be informed about cancer registration and to object to it if you wish. You also have the right to receive information about data that have been registered.

Frequently asked questions

The doctor who tells you the diagnosis is responsible for providing you (or your child) with information. This may be the doctor treating your child. But the doctor treating your child may also request a medical professional to inform you.

You (or your child) will be informed about the rights you (or your child) have as a result of the Cancer Registration Act, about protection of your (or your child’s) personal data and about the reasons why cancer is registered.

You (or your child) will be informed verbally and will be given a patient information brochure.

The National Agency for Cancer Registration (NACR) and the Childhood Cancer Registry have developed a patient information brochure that persons and institutions with a reporting obligation can use free of charge to provide patients and their legal representatives with information.

The patient information brochure can be downloaded here:

Further detailed information for patients about cancer registration can be found here.