The Childhood Cancer Registry has three committees: Steering board, Scientific advisory board, Clinical advisory board.

Steering board

The Steering board is the lead body of the Childhood Cancer Registry, with the task of supervising and supporting registration activity.

Prof. Dr. med. Roland Ammann, former SPOG President

Prof. Nicolas von der Weid, President Childhood Cancer Switzerland

Prof. Marc Ansari, SPOG representative, Romandy

Prof. Marcel Zwahlen, a.i. Director ISPM

Scientific advisory board

The Scientific advisory board advises the registry on scientific matters.

Prof. Matthias Egger, epidemiology expert

Prof. Felix Niggli, paed. haematology/oncology expert

Dr. Raffaele Renella, paed. haematology/oncology expert

Dr. Peter Kaatsch, childhood/adolescent cancer registration expert, Germany

Dr. Jacqueline Clavel, childhood/adolescent cancer registration expert, France

Prof. Gisela Michel, cancer follow-up care, childhood/adolescent psycho-oncology expert

Prof. Adrian Ochsenbein, adult oncology expert

Clinical advisory board

The Clinical advisory board advises the registry on medical matters.

The SPOG research council acts as the Clinical advisory board. The research council comprises the following members, as set out in the SPOG articles of association:

  • 2 representatives from each university or equivalent paediatric oncology centre
  • 1 representative from each children’s hospital
  • 1 representative from the Childhood Cancer Registry (ChCR)
  • 1 representative from each of the medical societies
  • 1 representative of the clinical research coordinators