General Information

The Childhood Cancer Registry (ChCR) routinely publishes statistics on cancer in children (age group 0-14 years) and adolescents (15-19 years) on this website (see cancer statistics) and through the national cancer reports and health reports.

Data and statistics not available from these sources may be requested directly from the ChCR.

The below described procedures and ChCR regulations are in accordance with the Cancer Registration Act (CRA, SR 818.33), its ordinance (CRO), as well as the Human Research Act (HRA; SR 810.30) and its ordinance (HRO).

According to the CRA  there are 5 types of requests and data deliveries:

  1. Requests for statistics not otherwise published (CRA Art. 16 Par. 2,3)
    -> see Request for statistics or aggregated data below
  2. Data requests for research purposes (CRA Art. 23 Par. 2)
    -> see Data request for research purposes below
  3. Data requests for the Evaluation of diagnosis and treatment quality (CRA Art. 27)
    -> see Data request for evaluating quality of diagnosis, treatment or care below
  4. Data deliveries to international organizations (CRA Art. 20 Par. 2)
  5. Requests by patients (or their legal representatives) for information collected about them (CRA Art. 7 Par. 2,3)
    -> See Information about my data.

Here we describe the data that is available (data availability) in the ChCR and how it may be requested according to different purposes (data requests). For any other requests not specifically described please contact us using the contact form or via email