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The Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry (SCCR) is a national, population-based cancer registry for children. It collects data on new cancer diagnoses and concurrent medical conditions and documents the treatment and long term follow-up. Through this it contributes to understanding causes of cancer diseases in children with the ultimate goal to prevent them, and it helps to continuously improve treatments and increase cure rates while aiming to avoid or minimise late effects.


What's new in the childhood cancer registry?

01.04.2016 INVITATION: 08.-09. September 2016 40 years Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry - Scientific Symposium

In 2016 the Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry will be 40 years old! We will celebrate this birthday with a 2-day scientific Symposium from 08 - 09 September 2016 in Bern (Hauptgebäude Universität Bern, Kuppelsaal Nr. 501). Topic: "How routine data help to prevent cancer in children, optimize...[more]

18.03.2016 Cancer in Switzerland –the Swiss Cancer Report 2015 is out

Which cancer types are most common? How often are children diagnosed with cancer? Does cancer-related mortality increase? Are all regions in Switzerland equally affected? Today, 21.03.2016, the Federal Statistical Office, the National Institute for Cancer Epidemiology and Registration and the...[more]

11.02.2016 Childhood Cancer Switzerland launches an online follow-up care plattform on February 15, the International Childhood Cancer Day

Two out of three former childhood cancer patients struggle with late effects later in live. These late effects are chronic health problems caused by the disease or treatment. Childhood Cancer Switzerland launches the online platform (www.suivinet.ch) on February 15, the International Childhood...[more]

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